Stopping – Arrêts


Cuidad de México and Montréal 

Project by Jean-François Prost
Coproduced by Adaptive Actions and the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery,

Design: TagTeam
118 pages, soft cover, 17,7 x 27,9 cm, English, Spanish
insert 3 posters 33 x 91,4 cm, French, English
ill. colour, ISBN 978-0-9866375-1-3
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To stop. A gesture of resistance in a world primarily designed to encourage work, consumerism, perpetual growth and efficiency. Stopping as an urban practice. In cities where pauses and idleness within specific sites are increasingly discouraged, stopping emerges as a space of rupture, pleasure, intimacy, or simply necessity and rest.

In a project begun in 2015 in Mexico City and further developed in Montreal in 2017, Jean-François Prost explores these realities for their contrasts with the incessant movement of people and related structures in contemporary cities where sometimes even self-constructions of time and space are forbidden. This publication delves into these questions by way of photographic works, daily actions and public interventions as well as texts by Francis Alÿs, Eduardo Barrera, Ana Patricia Alonso Contreras, Evelin Santander Daza, José Ramon Estrada, Guillaume Éthier, Marlon García, Maurizio Lazzarato, Raúl Garza Morales, Alfredo Montiel Pimentel, La Liga Tensa and Santiago Arau Pontones, Gabriela Sandoval, Santiago Sierra and the Stopping action-workshops.