Queer City

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Jean-François Prost / AA will be part of a 7 week residency (September 2nd – October 27th 2016) in São Paulo organised and curated by Lanchonete.org as part of the Queer City program.

Queer City is a program of activities focused on the relationship between queerness and life in the contemporary city.

Jean-François Prost is part of a six-month inquiry proposed by Lanchonete.org on queerness and life in the contemporary city – something relatable to the idea of French philosopher and sociologist Henri Lefebvre of a Right to the City – that will engage local (and international) artists, activists, urban planners, architects, researchers, thinkers, and simply people with whom we share the city.

Queerness is a broad term, one that can certainly be linked to a range of LGBT+ politics and realities, as well as histories, futures and places. For our purposes, the program seeks to open a discussion on how we live and work in, share and survive the contemporary city, with São Paulo as our outlook. We are therefore equally interested in acknowledging common ground and understanding counter narratives. By the end of the six-month cycle, we only hope that suggesting a lens of queerness will have encouraged fruitful discussions and joint interrogation of how we share the city.

Jean-François Prost was part of a three week residency (February 2016) in São Paulo.







Nouvel article et essai visuel de Jean-François Prost publiés dans le livre récemment paru intitulé Cidade queer (mars 2017)

Cidade queer, uma leitora

Este livro é um desdobramento do programa Cidade Queer, ocorrido em São Paulo durante o ano de 2016, cuja premissa era o entendimento da cidade a partir de uma perspectiva não normativa. O programa desenvolveu uma série de encontros, residência, e o livro conta com este conteúdo somado a textos e inserções artísticas de convidados.


ISBN 978-85-5688-006-2