While the Adaptive Actions Camp was located in Madrid’s Atocha train station for a month during the Madrid Abierto 2010 biennial, a publication was in the works.

Adaptive Actions, 2010

148 pages, soft cover, 21 x 14,5 cm

Colour / green and black

Bilingual, Spanish and English texts.

ISBN 978-0-9866375-0-6

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At the Atocha train station during the Madrid Abierto Biennial, a production and live-action Camp housed the Adaptive Actions project for almost a month. Experiences and materials – whether in the making or from past or future initiatives – were presented at the Camp. Supporters assisted actors and discussed possible additions, proposed actions and ensuing issues with participants.The program of events at the AA Camp (workshops/actions, lunch-and-learns) on specific topics and locations built bridges between actors and actions. The latter underwent prolongations, remodulations; some were launched in Madrid (as well as in other cities and countries), then collected in a joint art project.

Simultaneously, several individuals edited the existing and incoming content (submitted locally and through the web) and produced a new book which was published in December 2010. Throughout this process, actors posted new actions in the Camp, hallmarking the renewal “in the present” of adaptive actions, in counterpoint to those featured in the publication. At the AA Camp, structure and planning coexisted with the unexpected. This publication comprises two sections: one with several chosen adaptive actions and a second on the specific Madrid Adaptive Actions’ programming. This publication is constituted of 36 adaptive actions, locations and situations with images and short comments.

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the publication committee

Marie-Pier Boucher, Gema Melgar, Frank Nobert and Jean-François Prost.


An interview with Brian Massumi, a text by José
Luis Corazón Ardura and contributions with and by AKA Gallery, Cecilia Andersson, Eirini Boubla, Amarie Bergman, Zach Blas, Claude Boullevraye de Passille, Ignacio Canete, Micha Cárdenas, Jean-Maxime Dufresne, E1000ink, Edoardo de Falchi, FEED, Fugitive Images, Chris Head, Husos, André Éric Letourneau, Luc Lévesque, Helena Franco Marco, Brian Massumi, Elle Mehrmand, Familia Melgar-Molinero, Jason Mena, Modern Activity, Aude Moreau, Frank Nobert, Paco Sanchez, SPY, Katherine Sweetman, Tetuanfotoaccion, Triiibe, Andy, Uprock, Urban Context Management, Felipe Zuñiga. 

Design by

Alexandre Bettler and Modern Activity, London 

AA Publications

Each Adaptive Actions project is revisited and extended by a publication. Submitted adaptive actions, commentaries and texts are gathered together in one book. New ideas for future actions result from this process.


With the support of: Madrid Abierto, the Canada Art Council and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.